EKARAT Engineering Public Company Limited (AKR), the manufacturer of “EKARAT” electrical transformers, has passed the Energy Efficiency Label 5 criteria. EKARAT transformers are environmentally friendly products (Circular Economy).

📍 The Energy Efficiency Label 5 project is designed to promote energy conservation and efficiency among consumer by highlighting the importance of judicious electrical energy use, aligned with the following strategic objectives:
    📍 To encourage manufacturers/importers to produce and import high-efficiency electrical appliances at reasonable prices.
    📍 To motivate and enhance the public’s awareness of electricity conservation by providing knowledge and correct understanding about the proper and efficient use of electricity.
    📍 To offer consumers a choice in selecting high-efficiency products.
    📍 To support and seek energy-saving technologies, including electricity management, to maximize the benefits of electricity for consumers and the nation as a whole.

📍 “EKARAT” electrical transformers have joined the Energy Efficiency Label 5 project of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

  1. To increase electricity saving options.
  2. To reduce greenhouse gases throughout the product’s lifespan, allowing consumers to participate in reducing global warming by choosing Energy Efficiency Label 5 electrical appliances.
  3. Environmentally friendly production process (Circular Economy) from the selection phase to the end of the product life cycle.
  4. Addition of QR codes to provide consumers with more informations, such as usage, installation, and maintenance instructions, as well as other useful information.