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          “Ekarat” in addition to producing high quality transformers and Solar Cell, the company is also important for after-sales service, not less than having set up a service center for men covering all regions in order to provide service 24 hr., with more than 70 personnel that are quick to service, with more than 100 backup power transformers to support

Highlights Services

# Service Center

Ekarat has service center to support before and after sale service with over 100 service men at their station in all region of Thailand

# Team of service

including engineers, technicians, who had working ex0perience in service and repair maintenance for over 20 years and are ready to give advice, analysis for solving of problems.

# Equipment and tools

all modern equipment and tools, oil filtering equipment, oil testing device ready for repair service, and quick maintenance with high quality according to international standards. As well as adding fast service to meet the needs with Mobile Service Test

# Reserved transformer

company arrange for reserved transformers more than 100 units from small to large power rated to support customer in case of transformers are out of order.

Mobile Service Test

Ekarat Engineering Public Company Limited prepares to provide fast service to meet the needs of customers with the Mobile Service Test, which has the following features :

  Test the Power Factor, Winding Resistance, Turn Ration & Vector Group, Megger&PL.,

  Dielectric Breakdown test

  Is the newest and highly accurate test machine.

♦  Can issue test results that bring work and send information via the internet immediately.

♦  Can test the transformer without the electricity.



# Repair and maintenance any type of transformer
# Generator Maintenance Service

          Ekarat sells components of alternator for generators, Including maintenance as per installation specification, Installation of canopy or as option of customers.

          Also, company offers service for upgrade of generators and ATS as automatic synchronize generator control panel, and components together with preventive maintenance as by period or annual contract of work.

          In addition, company offers service or overhaul of generator set of customers with experienced technicians and modern equipments.

# On Load Tap Changer Maintenance Service

     “Ekarat” has specialists in transformer and equipment, components which had been trained from the manufacturer of On Load Tap Changer in order to advise and period check-up, change parts, install additional components for every brand names and every power system.

# Design, installation and maintenance HV and LV electric system
# Oil purified
# Thermo scan
# Over Haul transformer with maximum at 25,000 kVA
# Transformer Testing, Electric Testing, Oil Testing followed by ISO/IEC 17025
# Transformer rental from 50-3,000 kVA
# Annual test and certified Electric system