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Skills and Experiences

          Transformers manufacturing process is a “human labor” intense process.  Skills and experiences of workers are very important in each process. The processes that we need special attention are as follow:

♥ Tank Fabrication process 

          Many of the metal works such as welding and tank assembly works can use machines or robots to do the works.  But we use skilled and experienced “human” to do the works in order to make sure that we meet the quality that we specified.

♥ Core Fabrication process 

        Even though, we use state of the art Core Cutting Machine to cut the Core laminated sheets, we still need “human” to stack each sheet together.  If the core is not good, then the loss and the noise of the transformer will be high.

♥ Coil winding process

        Each turn of wire must have the right tension.  Each oil duct must be in correct position according to the design.  In order to achieve these things, we need highly skilled and experienced workers to do them.  Some workers can notice a defect in wire insulation during winding works.  Coil winding process is very important process. If dimension of a coil is not correct, the clearance distance of the wire will not be good.  This will cause damage in the future

♥ Core and Coils assembly process

          The most important process that only can be done by skilled workers.  Begin with put the coil into the core, the clearance must be correct.  Insulating the coils and core clamping must be very careful and correct.  Cleanliness, correctness, and safety are very important.  If the connection was not good, it will cause problem in the future.

           Highly skilled workers that do their special works are very important.  Each work that passed through their hands must be correct with good quality.  We do have work procedure and work instruction sheets for them to follow, but each worker must have the sense of mind for caring for the works that they do.  The new workers, who have less skill and experience, could make some mistakes.

          We are very proud that for almost 37 years since we had started the company, we have many loyalty employees work with us.  We work together like Family.  We have very low turn over of employees. It could be true that when we have long time employ workers, labor cost for production will be higher.  But the benefit that our company has received from this is more worth.  Ekarat Transformers are the best and the most durable in the market because of them, the highly skilled and experience workers!