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          Each “Ekarat” Transformer was designed with the “Know How” from Westing House, USA and Starkstrom, Germany.  The “Know How” was transferred to us 20 years ago up to now.  We hold the principle of “Quality” more than just to design the “Low cost” Transformers.

          To design a Voltage Transform Devices is not difficult.  But to design a “Quality Transformer” needed, a higher level of knowledge and a few important points to consider such as:

          ♥ A hot spot in any place inside the transformer, that cannot be measured, but the designer must know where it is.

          ♥ To give the safety clearance distances of the dielectric, not only keep the safety for the “Breakdown voltage”, but more important, keep the safety distance to avoid “Partial Discharge”.

        ♥ The designer is deeply understood about the “Forces” that will damage the winding in case of Shot Circuit. These “Forces” will be controlled or avoided to reduce the risk that would happen.

        ♥ To design the Hermetically Sealed (Fully oil filled) Transformers, the designer must know the ability to expand and contract of the corrugated tank. Ekarat is the only company in Thailand that has “License” to design and manufacture this type of transformer from Starkstrom, Germany.

          There are many more points that the designer must have know ledges not only the effect of Harmonic, various design of transformers, but also the important thing is the experience that had been accumulated for a long  period of time.