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10 Years Warranty

          After economic crisis in 1996, the Transformer market was declined.  The growth of investment is a good indicator for the growth of the Transformer market.

          “Ekarat”, as the leader Transformer Manufacturer in Thailand, had estimated that Thai Transformer Manufacturers (of about 16 companies) would not survive the crisis. Likely to die as if it happened to other businesses But it appears that over time, the number of manufacturers instead of decreasing Increasingly causing “Ekarat” would like to comment the situation as follow:

         Since Transformers are product that “Made to Order”, the manufacturer can design their Transformers anyway they liked to have the lowest cost.  This is why there are so many “Low cost” Transformers in the market.  Some companies had broken out into smaller companies.  These ways of business can help them to survive the crisis.

          How can the term “low cost” transformer? “Ekarat” very good because we have more than 10 service centers nationwide. Therefore, Ekarat had accepted many orders to repair other brand of transformers. we had found many interesting points in such transformers from low cost production as follow:

♥  Transformers are not full capacity (not full kVA).  

         It is not easy for a buyer to detect this problem.  It can be tested, but the high cost and lengthy process will not be desirable.  Most buyers had understood that their transformer passed the test at the Electrical Authority already.  They should be ok.  The reality is that the tests at the Electrical Authority are only the Megger and Oil test.  This is to ensure that when this transformer is connected to the system, it will not cause any problem.  For smaller transformers, Electrical Authority will perform the routine test.  But the routine test will not show any information to indicate the “Capacity” of the transformer.  When the user uses the transformer, he will not notice any problem because the load being used is smaller than the capacity.  Normally, the electrical system designer will design 20% overload, and the Load Factor will be about 0.7-0.8.  This is the fact that, in reality, user will use only 50% – 60% of the load from the transformer’s nameplate.  The user will loss the benefit and problem will arise in the future if the load will be increased.

♥  Used recycle or low quality materials in transformers 

        Often, we have found that some companies use parts of old or damage transformers and built into new transformers.  The buyer cannot notice this because these parts are inside the transformers.  Some company will re-paint an old transformer and sale as a new one!

♥ Reduced safety clearance dimension inside the transformer. 

        Some companies had reduced the size of the winding coil and leave very small cooling ducts.  Some reduced the tank dimension and placed insulation between the tank and the coil, just enough to pass the test.  Some designed the coil to be rectangular or elliptical shape to reduce the iron core dimension.  It is true that this technique will give a good routine test result, but in the long run these transformers will be heat up and cannot withstand short circuit forces.

          With the above information, Ekarat had started an idea of a “Long Period Guarantee”.  Normally, every company give 2 years guarantee on their transformers.  We had given to our valued customers additional of 8 more years.  The total of 10 years Guarantee is offered to our customers.  We are the first in Thailand (or first in the world) to offer this Guarantee started in 2003.  We are confident to say that, our Transformers are full in Capacity (Full kVA).

         Transformers are Electrical Machines, so they need to have a good maintenance process (like your cars that need maintenance also). So, during the 10 years guarantee period, the transformers need to have continuous maintenance from us.  Small maintenance fee and service contract need to be applied from year 4 to 10.